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The Instituto de Estudios Superiores de Administración (IESA) is a school of management that trains leaders to become responsible professionals or business people capable of contributing to the success of public or private organizations. We have an academic offer of world-class postgraduate and executive training courses based on a teaching philosophy where the student is the focus of the learning process. 

The school has four international accreditations: AACSB, EQUIS, AMBA and NASPAA are symbols of excellence from the world's leading accrediting bodies.

IESA has a staff of 28 professors, 21 of which have PhDs from the most important universities in the world; 19 associate professors (practitioners) and more than 100 guest professors.

Mission Statement:
To prepare individuals capable of assuming leadership positions such as professionals, managers, or entrepreneurs, in order to contribute to the success of private, public and non-profit organizations. Thus, the institute generates processes that constitute a contribution to the development of society.

To this end, IESA produces, adapts and disseminates knowledge in the field of management, applicable to the local reality and relevant in the global context.

Vision Statement:
We will multiply IESA´s impact by the development of responsible leaders for the public and private sectors, and the promotion of values and practices of entrepreneurship and progress in Venezuela, Central America and the Caribbean.

Our Values and Principles

IESA is guided by the following values ​​and principles:

Fundamental values:
  • Honesty and compliance with norms
  • Excellence in each and all endeavors
  • Solidarity and willingness to contribute to the welfare of others
  • Social responsibility
  • Innovation, flexibility, and adaptation
Institutional principles:
  • Compliance with the law
  • Serve all members of the community fairly and equitably
  • Constant search for knowledge
  • Respect for the diversity of ideas and plurality of cultures
  • Independence from economic, political, and religious interests
  • Accountability

Based on these values and principles, we have established our Ten Commandments which shall be adopted individually by every member of IESA community:

Our Ten Commandments

  1. Honesty: I shall always act rightfully and with justice. I shall never take undue advantage of my fellow mates or the Institute for my own benefit. Under no circumstances shall I present the ideas or efforts of other persons as mine, nor shall I knowingly provide false information.
  2. Excellency: I shall, at all times, give my best efforts for my papers, tasks and homework, responsibilities and in general for all my acts to reflect - to the best of my capabilities- and maintain the high level of prestige of IESA and all its members.
  3. Mutual respect: I shall listen attentively and respectfully to my fellow schoolmates, colleagues, professors and members of IESA community. In my interventions I shall refrain from using words that are derogatory, vulgar or aggressive. I shall not have a discriminatory attitude against any person for their opinions, characteristics or beliefs.
  4. Rectitude: I shall act always in accordance with the values and principles of the Institute, above and beyond any individual interest of an economic, political or religious nature. If I find myself in a situation which represents a conflict of interest - from which I could receive an undue benefit- I shall declare it and I shall act in the correct manner.
  5. Individual responsibility: I shall accept my colleagues' observations on any situation in which I might not be complying with the obligations and commitments I have undertaken as a member of the IESA community. I also undertake the responsibility of helping my colleagues and schoolmates to comply with these obligations and commitments.
  6. Social and environmental responsibility: I am committed to contributing to the welfare of society and the preservation of the physical environment which surrounds us. I shall engage in the development of activities that generate tangible contributions towards enhancing the quality of life of our communities.
  7. Trust: I shall endeavor for all my actions to generate trust, as a result of consistency between what I say and what I do. Whenever I have doubts on the opinions or actions by other members of the community, or I disagree with them, I shall first talk to these people and shall refrain from belittling what I have not understood or verified.
  8. Confidentiality: I shall act responsibly when handling the information of the Institute, its members or related people or organizations. I shall not disclose information of a private or confidential nature.
  9. Loyalty to the institution: I shall uphold and defend the values and patrimony of IESA. In my conduct, I shall take into account that I represent the Institute and that my actions could affect its reputation. When I disagree with the decisions or statements by other members of the community, I shall pose my opinions or critiques based on the Institute's values and principles.
  10. Complying with the norms: I shall abide by the norms set forth in the Institute's bylaws, regulations and manuals; I shall strive for its continuous enhancement through constructive contributions and I shall collaborate to ensure the compliance thereof. I shall never use the non-compliance of others as justification to break any norm. I shall act at all times as per the commitments portrayed in these Ten Commandments.

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