IESA Foundation

IESA Foundation

IESA Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising funds internationally for the sustainable development of the Institute of Advanced Management Studies (IESA), which has its headquarters in Caracas, Venezuela. The institution invests these funds in student financing programs, as well as support for teaching, research activities and infrastructure improvement. Read more>>

"We are convinced that the contribution of IESA – one of the best reputed management schools in Latin America, with three international accreditations – is fundamental for the development of society and the establishment of values and sound management practices, entrepreneurship and progress in Venezuela, Central America and the Caribbean."

"As President of the IESA Foundation, I invite you to join our cause. Your efforts will make possible that valuable young people – many of them without the economic resources to afford their studies but with the best intellectual credentials -, graduate in our school of management and acquire the necessary tools and insights to transform them into responsible leaders and managers".

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Gustavo Vollmer

President of the IESA Foundation

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