IESA's 2015 Campaign

Entrepreneurs 266

 To foster and sustain the enterprising spirit and the spirit of progress in Venezuela and Latin America.
Since its foundation, IESA's Center for Entrepreneurship has trained more than 1,000 leaders, including close to 150 micro-entrepreneurs in production activities, more than 30 new farmers in the Paria region and more than a dozen investors in new businesses.
Our IESA 2015 vision aims at multiplying the capacity and expanding the scope of our Center for Entrepreneurship. To this end, we propose to intervene in the following scopes:
  • A corporate initiative: to strengthen active entrepreneurs and avoid them from disappearing.
  • Social enterprising and micro-entrepreneurs: to contribute to the success and sustainability of entrepreneurial ideas that promote wellbeing and inclusion. We also expect to foster the fund-raising capabilities of micro-entrepreneurs.
  • Entrepreneurial Competitiveness Agenda: to articulate an entrepreneurial agenda that envisions public policies and the institutional framework for the future, aimed at raising public and private productivity and strengthening the production sector.
Impact: 15 thousand entrepreneurs trained by 2015.
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