IESA's 2015 Campaign

World-class professors 266

World-class professors:
The professors at IESA use the Participant-based Learning (ACP for its acronyms in Spanish) methodology promoted by the Harvard Business School and applied in the best business schools of the world. Using cases and simulating a real environment, the students are the protagonists and conduct business practices geared towards decision-making focused on the real conditions in the organizations and the country. Their valuable contributions to our talent shall be aimed at:
  • Funding the professorship for our Master's degrees
  • Enabling our professors to complete world-renowned PhD studies abroad.
  • Ensuring that our professors are trained in the Participant-based learning (ACP) method.

Impact: 90 Master's degree subject matters covered by 2015 - 8 professors completed world-renowned PhD studies abroad by 2015 - 150 professors trained in ACP by 2015.
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