Programa Caminos

The Programa Caminos

The Programa Caminos

IESA's alumni are leaders that enforce world-level management practices and values and who are capable of designing and applying solutions adjusted to any complex and challenging context. They are highly competent and excellent professionals who are also trained with a high sense of commitment, responsibility, solidarity and respect.

IESA's vision for 2015 is to expand its programs to train managers and also entrepreneurs who can multiply the number of sustainable companies throughout the nation. The Institute needs to train many more leaders for Latin America, with solid technical training, excellent managerial skills and sound human values that will enable a better understanding of the complexities of the surrounding environment.

To increase the impact of IESA's alumni, the aim is to double the number of postgraduate graduates and offer financial support for students of Master's degrees by means of the Programa Caminos, a scholarships program offering young persons with potential -independently of their economic situation- to have a chance to develop themselves for their own benefit and that of society by studying a Master's degree at IESA.

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