San Bernardino Project

The San Bernardino Project

Laying bridges with our communities

The San Bernardino Project is a social responsibility initiative developed by IESA to promote an enhanced quality of life in the communities living in the San Bernardino parish, acting as a player, facilitator or “bridge” for actions aimed at reinforcing the social network in the parish and the managerial capabilities of its members.

This project follows three lines of action:
  • Teaching and training projects, through which we seek to generate timely knowledge which can be applied to improve the living conditions of the community.
  • Spaces for meeting and coming together. IESA puts at your disposal its spaces so as to position our “home” as a place for public forums and meetings and work with key players on specific activities.
  • Other specific projects, promoting in our internal community (professors, students and employees) the active exercise of our institutional values of ethics, solidarity and responsibility, through their participation and the promotion of initiatives within the framework of each specific project.
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