Masters Admission Process

Admission process

Admission process for IESA's Masters

This brochure contains important information about all the stages of IESA´s admissions process. we recommend that you read it carefully and do the necessary preparation to complete each part of the process.

1. Licentiate degree, B.A. or equivalent degree

Aspiring candidates to any of IESA´s Master´s must hold academic university degrees from Venezuela or equivalent in other education systems from abroad. To complete the admission process, the candidate must present their original degree in paper and hand in a copy of the degree for their individual file.

In the case of part-time, weekend and full-time Master´s in Corporate Administration (MAE) programs, the aspiring candidates must have a minimum of three (3) years of relevant professional experience (postgraduate). In the case of the Master´s in Corporate Administration for Executives (MAEE), we require that the aspiring candidates have a minimum of ten (10) years of relevant work experience (postgraduate) and six (6) years of proven managerial experience.

2. Online application

All persons interested in participating in the admissions process for a Master´s at IESA must fill in an online application at our web site

At that web address, the interested party can:

a. Register as an aspiring candidate
The first time you enter the “online application” section in our web page, you will be asked to register as a user, uploading your personal data and creating a user name and password, which will enable you to enter our online application system in order to completely fill out the necessary data for your admission process. If you encounter any problem with the online application, you can contact our e-mail systems coordination department at stating Re: Error in application, giving a brief description of the problem in the body of the e-mail and a screen shot, showing the error the system sent.

b. Fill out the data form

The form must be viewed as a tool, which shall furnish all the necessary information for your evaluation by IESA´s Admissions Committee.

The admission form contains the following information of the aspiring candidate:

  • Personal data
  • Academic data 
  • Work-related and extracurricular data 
  • Data furnished by the evaluators (confidential evaluations)
Since IESA´s mission emphasizes the training of leaders in management, the committee assigns great value to the engagement in extra-curricular activities, putting into manifest their initiative and teamwork-leading skills (for example the organization of student congresses, participation in student centers and other student political organizations, leadership in sports and cultural organizations, volunteer work and affiliation to NGOs, creativity in the resolution of exceptional situations). In this regard, the recommendation is for you to be as explicit as possible and provide as much information of this kind as possible in the form as well as in your curriculum vitae.

c. Register for the admission test

The candidate must register for the admissions test on any of the dates published in the schedule of activities of the program they are opting for, through our web page, in the section entitled “Online application”. In order to be formally registered for the test, they must have paid the admission process fee; if they have not, they will not be allowed to take the test.

If the test is taken under different (so-called ¨special¨) circumstances, the folder with the required documents must be handed in two days after the test has been taken.

  • Pay the admissions process fee

The right-to-admission fee in Venezuela is:

Test dates--> Saturday, February 22, 2014.   

Right-to-admission fee--> Bs. 1500 (the full amount)   

Reception of folder with the required documents--> Friday, February 28, 2014 until 4:30 p.m.

The right-to-admission fee is another name for the test fee (they are both one and the same), and can be paid directly at our offices with a credit card, debit card, or a bank deposit or electronic transfer in the name of IESA.

The collections department staff works Mondays to Fridays from 9:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and from 2:30 to 4:30 p.m., and is located on the 6th floor of North Tower, IESA, San Bernardino urbanization, Caracas.

Once the payment is made, the transaction voucher must be scanned and sent by e-mail to or fax No. (country code 58) 212 555 4470.  Make sure that the full name and surname of the person who is registering appears on the deposit slip as well as their (legible) identity card or passport number.

Once the right-of-admission fee is paid, you are eligible for taking the admissions test and consign the folder with the required documents. No payment reimbursements are permitted under any circumstances.

In order to be informed on future test dates, you must complete your online application. You will then receive all our notifications directly in your email account.

The test may also be scheduled to be taken at IESA´s offices in Valencia and Maracaibo, but prior notice must be sent requesting this. We also accept international GRE and GMAT tests results which have been taken no later than two years ago.

Alumni are exonerated from the right-to-admission fee. If you wish to receive further general or specific information on equivalent degrees or courses, please contact the Student Services Coordination department directly at or call +58 212 5554439 / 4444 / 4279.

d. Upload documents

In order to complete your application, the following documents must be uploaded simultaneously :

  • Photo (small size, .jpg format)

Image format jpg or png. Image size must be 160 x 160 px. Make sure the file is no larger than 15.5 KB – 15,876 bytes.

Additionally, you must bring us two (2) carnet size photos with your name and surname written on the back.

If you encounter any problems with the online application, please send us an e-mail to stating Re: Error in application, giving a brief description of the problem in the body of the e-mail and a screen shot, showing the error the system sent.

  • 3 Essays (.doc format)

Essays must be sent in a Microsoft Word document, to be uploaded onto the online application (simultaneously with the other documents) in order for the system to enable you to continue forward.

The essays shall contain three questions, the answers to which you must expand on: What are your professional aspirations and how can a IESA postgraduate degree help you in attaining them? (maximum 400 words); Describe an experience in which you participated in a work group. What was your role in the group? What did you learn from that experience? (maximum 400 words), and Write a two-part essay (maximum 200 words each) on the smoking ban in public spaces from the following viewpoints: the smoker´s viewpoint and the non-smoker´s viewpoint.

These questions are designed to give you a chance to showcase who you are to the Admissions Committee, in a more open and informal manner. This committee shall carefully consider all your responses when evaluating your acceptance to the program. The three documents must be uploaded in the “Online application” section by following the corresponding instructions.

  • Curriculum vitae (.doc format)
Likewise, the Curriculum vitae must be uploaded in a Microsoft Word document, and must also be later uploaded onto the online application (simultaneously with the other documents) in order for the system to enable you to continue forward. We recommend that you include as much information as may be useful for the Admissions Committee to know about you.

e. Consult the status of your admission application

After completing the admission process, the candidate may consult its final status in our web page in the “Online application” section, by inserting their identity number and password.

Once “the form is sent”, your account will be blocked and your information cannot be modified. If you wish to make any changes, please contact us and avoid having to register once again. If you encounter any problem with the online application, please send us an e-mail to

3. Admission test

IESA uses an admissions test administered by LASPAU, which permits the comparison of quantitative results of the admission process to other universities in Latin America which use the same test. The PAEP (in Spanish, Prueba de Admisión a Estudios de Postgrado and in English, Postgraduate Studies Admission Test), is a standardized test in Spanish which evaluates the academic aptitude, cognitive skills and academic performance of the persons interested in studying a postgraduate program. The PAEP, which includes multiple choice questions and a brief written composition, was designed by the Tecnológico de Monterrey with initial consultancy from the College Board of Puerto Rico. The tests are sent to LASPAU for correction thereof.
The test is designed to evaluate the following cognitive areas and skills:
•    Verbal skills (antonyms, termination of sentences, analogies and text comprehension  through traditional analysis and critical analysis).
•    Mathematics and science (arithmetic, geometry, algebra, calculus, probabilities, physics, chemistry and biology).
•    Cognitive abilities (sequences and relations, transformations and logical considerations).
•    Writing skills (sentence and paragraph structuring, handling of lexicon, syntactic maturity and composition).
•    English as a working tool (structure, functional vocabulary level and comprehension of texts).

4. Folder with the required documents

The folder with the required documents can be handed in for preliminary review on the day of the test. Final submittal thereof can be done within one week from having taken the admissions test. If the test is taken under different (so-called ¨special¨) circumstances, you must consign the required documents two days after the test has been taken.

It is important to highlight that the Admissions Committee does not evaluate incomplete folders so a complete folder with all the required documentation must be handed in so as to avoid being removed from the process.

5. Confidential evaluations 

The three evaluations must be conducted by professors and persons who have supervised you during your professional performance. Two professional and one academic evaluations or one professional and two academic evaluations are required. If you present three evaluations of the same type, you must include an explanatory letter in your folder.
All the evaluations must be brought in a special format, as published on this web site 


The aspiring candidate must make the abovementioned format available to each one of their evaluators, who must fill them out and send as per one (1) of the following modalities:

•    Directly from the evaluator´s e-mail address to our e-mail
•    Through a messenger or courier service in a sealed envelope addressed to: Marketing and Admissions Department, IESA.
•    Hand it over to the candidate so that they include it in the folder with the required documents, keeping them in their sealed envelopes.

Under no circumstances shall explanations be given as to the decisions. The decisions made by the Admissions Committee cannot be appealed. The Institute shall not return the documents submitted by the candidate.

The decisions shall be published in IESA´s web page or sent directly to the Admissions e-mail. The acceptance of a candidate is valid for 2 years from the date of acceptance. During that period, the accepted aspiring candidate may register in the program requested by presenting the acceptance letter. Once this period has passed, if the student has not stated his interest in writing of registering in the program, the folder shall be disincorporated.

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