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Alumni and the Career Services Department

At IESA we are committed to maximizing our students' and graduates' professional and personal paths, and working hand in hand with headhunters interested in hiring our IESA talent, offering support, information and ease of access to the profiles that best meet their expectations. This is accomplished through the promotion, coordination and management of the following services:

  • Corporate talks.  IESA provides the space and hospitality for companies to introduce themselves and explain possible career opportunities, as well as recruit and do networking with the students and graduates. Please write to us at to coordinate your visit to the Institute.
  • IESA TALENT. Each year, we develop a database with the profiles of all our graduates, designed to be continuously self-actualized. We thus enable headhunters to access an exclusive database, browse various résumés, and identify possible candidates as per their requirements.  If your company is interested in having access to this information, please write us at

Being a IESA Alumni generates unique opportunities for relationships, employment and businesses and it stimulates the exchange of knowledge and experiences. Networking is one of the abilities for any good director.

Access the best professionals through Connect to your network. More than 8000 graduates of Masters Degrees and the advanced business program, in top positions and with national and international influence, are part of our network.

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