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Turning the wheels at Garcia Tunon: a family business strategic dilema
Date Published: 2015
Published By: The case centre
Authors:Nunzia Auletta y Aramis Rodríguez
Product #: 815-071-1


The case focuses on Garcia Tunon (GT), a family firm in the automotive sector in Venezuela. By 2013, the company, led by the 2nd and 3rd generation of the family, was facing a hostile environment, which had brought a contraction of the domestic automotive market, jeopardising the growth plans of the company and its survival in its traditional business. Jorge García Tunon, the founder’s grandson, was considering strategic directions, leveraging on the company and family resources. His main dilemma focused on expanding the current family business through related or unrelated diversification or pursuing his entrepreneurial drive into a venture of his own.
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Keywords: Family business; Entrepreneurship; Corporate entrepreneurship; Strategy; Strategic planning; Hostile environment; Social capital; Car industry; Familiness; SWOT analysis; Leadership; New business; Car dealership
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