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IESA is one of the 10 best executive training schools

IESA is one of the 10 best executive training schools

Committed to academic excellence, IESA conceives innovation as the central axis for the process of the academic design of executive education activities. The aim is to generate increasingly more differentiated products created in response to clients´ needs in various product categories which, according to the length and structure of the activity, encompasses four major categories, to wit:

Activities which provide specific management tools or which foster the development of specific skill sets. The length of these courses can be from 12 to 32 academic hours.

Comprised of several self-contained teaching modules, geared towards the systemic training of managers or the study of specialized topics of an area in particular. The programs last from 40 to 180 academic hours.

These represent an intermediate option between those who seek academic rigorousness and demands of a postgraduate course and the flexibility of executive training programs. These courses offer managers state-of-the-art knowledge, in contrast to the local and international reality, and last a minimum of 100 academic hours.

Integral activities which enable participants to delve deeper into high-impact management topics. As in the B.B.A.´s, there are admission and graduation requirements. Their length varies from 48 to 160 academic hours.

IESA virtual courses
Use technological platforms that contribute towards reaching the academic objectives. Through web sites which facilitate the interaction with the participants, digital material is published and answers are provided in forums or chats enabling executive training participants to complement their academic experience.

These programs have been especially conceived to meet the training and talent development needs of the requesting organizations. We monitor the diagnosis, design, execution and follow-up on each and every activity, thus generating a close relationship between IESA and the client. This type of activities foster the integration of work teams, since they generate a common language as well as behavior patterns of identification with the organizational culture.

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