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  • @IESA: Through this account we share institutional information and we offer virtual forums, debates and interviews. We seek to have conversations with you on topics such as management, leadership, economics, finance, public policies, innovation, communications, organizations, marketing and enterprising. Follow us, share content with us and participate in our conversations by befriending our virtual community.
  • @Cursosiesa: If you are interested in our IESA courses, programs and PhD courses, through this account we want to be in direct contact with you, clarify your doubts and keep you updated on our offers.
  • @Maestriasiesa: Through this account we keep you informed on our postgraduate courses. Registration dates, exams, information sessions. You can ask questions and consult us as to what you want to know.
  • @Emprende:  We want to foster an enterprising spirit and networking by creating a network of entrepreneurs. We seek to strengthen the National Enterpreneurship Ecosystem, which the IESA´s Center for Entrepreneurs is part of.

  • IESA Fan Page: We invite you to become a part of our virtual community on Facebook. Share photos, interesting content, videos, and debate and hold conversations. Invite your friends to join our network.
  • IESA en Panamá: From the city of knowledge in Panama, the IESA offers postgraduate and executive training courses. Get to know our offer of courses and share with us news, photos, videos and other information from our students, professors and alumni.
  • Biblioteca IESA: We offer you the latest content in the IESA´s Lorenzo Mendoza Fleury Library. 

  • Blog IESA: follow the ins and outs of our academy and comment on our blog.

  • Youtube Channel: more than 20 videos on our school dedicated to our teaching method, testimonials from our students, alumni and professors, finance tips, employment, content on public policies, business and management.

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