IESA celebrated its first meeting between donors and students

IESA celebrated its first meeting between donors and students

On July 10, 2014 IESA celebrated its first meeting between donors and students. Currently, 85 students benefit from scholarships or financial assistance.

Thanks to significant contributions by Empresas Polar, Accumulators Duncan, Texas Foods, Procter and Gamble, Farmatodo, Manpa, 100% Bank and other donors, a diverse group of students are able to pursue graduate studies at IESA in fields such as Management, Marketing, Finance and Public Management, with the expectation of becoming leaders and responsible managers in the private and public sectors.

The objective of the Financial Aid Program is to provide candidates who have the necessary academic and professional merits to be admitted but do not have the financial resources to pay tuition expenses with soft loans that allow them to pursue the master of their choice. Since October 2012, 70 fellowships have been awarded and 57 students have benefited from financial aid.

“It is a very enriching experience to share a classroom with excellent professors and students who have similar aspirations. I am very grateful for the financial support granted by IESA and its strategic partners.”
Lic. Florangel Rodríguez – Student of our Master in Marketing program.

“Thanks to the IESA Foundation for believing in the future of Venezuelan professionals who are committed to grow and contribute to this country. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to study a Masters degree that is built upon high standards of excellence. It has been an enriching experience in every sense. Thanks for trusting and believing in us. I hope that in the future I can have the chance to give others the same opportunities that I have been given today."
Vanessa Pasquale – MBA Student.

 “We are committed to contribute to IESA’s financial stabilization and sustainability over a longer term horizon, convinced of the fundamental role IESA plays in our country... We are certain that IESA will be in the capacity and position to disseminate the best management practices framed by ethical principles that should guide the conduct of executives, managers and leaders.”
Edgar Dao - Bancaribe.

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