IESA Alumni Receives AACSB’s Inaugural Influential Leaders Award

IESA Alumni Receives AACSB’s Inaugural Influential Leaders Award

Jonathan Coles and Andrés Simón González joins 98notable alumni from AACSB-accredited schools who are making an impact in the world through their business acumen, leadership, or entrepreneurial success.

IESA  announced that AACSB International (AACSB), the global accrediting body and membership association for business schools, revealed that Jonathan Coles y Andrés Simón González, a IESA graduate, has been recognized as one of the first 100 AACSB Influential Leaders. Jonathan Coles y Andrés Simón González’s work exemplifies the innovative mindset and meaningful contributions to society that IESA graduates display around the world and every day—whether they operate within large corporations, small businesses, or the nonprofit sector.
Jonathan Coles combines the spirit of a businessperson and the soul of an artist. He has experience working in both public and business sectors, having achieved notable success in both. In public service, Coles occupied the post of cabinet minister of agriculture and livestock in Venezuela. In this role, Coles led the agricultural trade reform and reduced the deficit by two-thirds through developing exports and concentrating on competitive national production. Furthermore, he reduced permits and controls to reduce opportunities for corruption and negotiated 1.1 billion USD in structural adjustment loans with World Bank and Interamerican Development Bank (IDB) for financing infrastructure and project investments. Read more about Jonathan Coles >> http://www.aacsb.edu/About/awards/influential-leaders/recipients/jonathan-coles.aspx

In 2004, Andrés Simón González-Silén founded Grupo Venemergencia, a company dedicated to comprehensive medical services including home health care, laboratory services, occupational health services, and technology for telemedicine and mobile health. In addition to providing these valuable medical services, González-Silén wanted to improve the quality of life of Venezuelans through a culture of prevention. Thus, he began educating people in the area of health services. The not-for-profit organization of his corporation educates paramedics in association with the Universidad Simón Bolívar and establishes emergency medical brigades in impoverished communities, as a means for developing a sustainable model of emergency care for vulnerable communities.
González-Silén’s work has enhance medical-social relations by bringing healthcare closer to the patient. Since many low income communities do not have easy access to medical care, Dr. González-Silén created innovative programs to bring services directly to them. Some of these services include emergency and regular home health care using “moto-ambulance.”  Read more about Andrés Simón González>> http://www.aacsb.edu/About/awards/influential-leaders/recipients/andres-simon-gonzalez-silen.aspx
Jonathan Coles y Andrés Simón González join individuals such as the CEO of one of the world’s largest global relief services, a technology pioneer who is working to cure cancer, the founder of a global e-commerce powerhouse, and an enterprising president attributed with reviving an international toy industry favorite. More than 20 industry sectors, from consumer products to healthcare to nonprofits, across 21 countries, are present in this year’s group.

Gustavo Roosen, president of IESA Business School, stated his satisfaction with AACSB announcement: "IESA is proud to have graduates such as Jonathan Coles and Andrés Simón González-Silén. They encourage us to follow our mission: to shape responsible leaders and managers. They prove that excellence can be accomplished amid environmental challenges."

JDr. González-Silén also expressed his joy to receive AACSB's recognition: "It is an honor to receive this award between so many people whom undoubtedly have very interesting profiles and impact. Definitely, I am filled with proud and delighted to know that this is not just personal but recognition to the IESA as a great institution. This is a recognition to one way of doing things and giving to our actions the significance of our vision. Thank you for being part of my history and allowing me to be part of yours."

For the nomination process, AACSB developed a short list of open-ended questions that provided a framework for expectations for nominees. From April to June 2015, AACSB-accredited schools submitted notable alumni who have made (or are making) an impact in the world. From the nominations, a selection committee reviewed and chose stories that showed a sampling of the positive impact that business school graduates have made on society.

“It is my honor to recognize Jonathan Coles y Andrés Simón González for their contributions as an Influential Leader, and to thank SCHOOL NAME for its dedication to providing a business education environment based on engagement, innovation, and impact,” said Thomas R. Robinson, president and chief executive officer of AACSB International. “If told, the success stories of all business school graduates would fill unmeasurable volumes. AACSB is honored to celebrate HONOREE(S) NAME—and the collective 100 Influential Leaders—as a representation of how business school alumni have positively influenced society, as well as the management education industry’s, past, present, and promising future.”

Para conocer la lista de ganadores, visite www.aacsb.edu/Influential-Leaders.

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