Master´s degree in Administration for Executives

Starting Date: 8/2/2013
Admission Process: 8/2/2013
Duration: 18 meses
Area: Leadership and Management
Language Spanish
Payment Method Cash, bank deposit or credit card

The Master´s degree in Administration, especially designed for executives

If you have more than 10 years´ work experience and more than 6 years´ experience as a manager, the Master´s degree in Administration for Executives will offer you a strategic, multidisciplinarian and systematic vision on management through innovative learning methodologies and experiences, exposing the participants to state-of-the-art knowledge in business topics and challenging decision-making experiences.

Reasons for choosing this program

  1. You obtain an internationally recognized degree in Magister in Administration.
  2. You learn from world-class academics, with PhD´s from the best universities in the world, capable of transmitting their knowledge in different areas and its application to the global and Latin American reality.
  3. You enter an active community of students, professors and alumni that will enable you to expand your network of contacts, thus creating business opportunities and knowledge update. 

Additionally, the MAE offers you:
  •  Special format: 18 monthly meetings of 4 consecutive days  each (Fridays to Mondays) 
  •  Funding possibilities

Who is it aimed at?
At you, a professional with 10 or more years´ working experience and 6 years´ experience in positions with broad managerial responsibilities, such as mid- and top-level managers, senior specialists and owners of small and medium-sized companies (PYMES).

What skill sets does one acquire?
The capacity to systematize knowledge in various functional areas in organizations; an integral and systemic business vision; the capacity to integrate signals and use business information systems for decision-making in uncertain environments; the possibility of identifying business opportunities and extract value from business situations; hypothesis- and strategy-drafting to face the future in the organizations; understanding the value of innovation and creativity; the ability to lead high-performance teams and expand team-handling coaching skills.

What are the principal attributes of this master´s degree?
  • You obtain a master´s degree in administration (MBA), internationally accredited by the AACSB, AMBA and EQUIS.
  • You learn from a group of professors with PhDs from the best universities in the world, who offer cutting-edge internationally-pertinent knowledge adapted to the local reality.
  • It offers an innovative learning methodology, using business cases, simulations, practices and experiences.
  • It contains integrative subject matters to maximize a multidisciplinarian business vision and the role of the leader in organizations.
  • When you graduate you become a part of a community of alumni who stand out for their active participation in exercising socially responsible leadership throughout the world. You thus expand your network of contacts.
  • You have the chance to take an international trip (optional) during the fifth quarter, that will enrich you and expand your global business vision.

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