Master in Global Management (MGM)

Master in Global Management (MGM)

Starting Date: 8/3/2015
Admission Process: 1/12/2015
Duration: 18 months
Area: Leadership and Management
Language English
Payment Method Cash, bank deposit or credit card

If you are a student or a graduate (up to 5 years) of a master´s degree in administration, the Master´s degree in Finance or the Master´s degree in Marketing from IESA, you can opt for a postgraduate degree which will enable you to delve deeper in the development of managerial, strategic and global business leadership competencies.

The Global MBA is a postgraduate course imparted in alliance with:
  • Tulane University, U.S.A.
  • Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de Méjico (ITAM), Mexico.
  • Universidad de los Andes (Uniandes), Colombia.

If you completed the basic macroeconomics, microeconomics, quantitative techniques, accounting, finances, marketing and operations and organizational behavior, you can opt for the Master of Global Management, a master that will allow you to deepen the development of the managerial and strategic skills and the global leadership business. 

Classes consist of 6 modules that operate in five different cities (India, New Orleans, Mexico City, Bogotá, Paris and Shanghai). Each one of these courses has a duration of 1 week, totaling 6 weeks and is dictated along 18 months. 

Upon completing this master's degree, you receive two degrees: A master's degree in administration (IESA) and the Master of Global Management (Tulane University).

Reasons for choosing this program

  1. You obtain joint degrees: A master´s degree in administration (IESA) and the Master of Global Management (Tulane University).
  2. A global business vision maximizes your chances for success anywhere in the world.
  3. You expand your network of contacts, nationally and internationally.

Who is it aimed at?
The Global MBA is aimed at IESA's MBA students and alumni with a minimum of 3 years of managerial experience, interested in obtaining a vision on global business dynamics and identifying international opportunities.

What are its benefits?
An understanding of the best business practices in U.S. and Latin American companies. Classes are given in 5 cities, using cases focusing on the strategies of the main businesses worldwide. Work teams are constituted with students from 4 or more countries, requiring the respect for, and the handling of, different cultures, and your network of contacts expands.

What are the principal attributes of this master's degree?
  • Regionwide: You get to know and learn, based on the best business practices in leading U.S. and Latin American businesses.
  • Global perspective: You will have the experience of receiving classes in English in 6 cities worldwide, using case studies focused on the strategies implemented in the main businesses worldwide.
  • It is a challenging postgraduate course because you have to set up work teams with four or more students from different countries. This offers you a global learning experience, strengthens your skills in handling different cultures and expands your network of contacts.

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