Master´s degree in Marketing

Master's degree in Marketing

Starting Date: 9/19/2016
Admission Process: 9/30/2015
Duration: 15 months
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Language Spanish
Payment Method Cash, bank deposit or credit card

The Master's degree in Marketing offers you the opportunity of developing or expanding specific competencies for the analysis and understanding of markets, strategic planning and marketing management, whether you are an entrepreneur, consultant or professional of a marketing department, strategic business areas or the general management of a company.

It is a postgraduate course aimed at college graduates (with a licentiate degree or equivalent degree) combining up-to-date content of high international value with innovative learning methodologies and experiences which expose the students to state-of-the-art marketing knowledge. Upon graduating you will have theoretical, practical and methodological knowledge that will enable you to find creative and innovative solutions to day-to-day challenges.

Master's degree in Marketing - Evening format
Next Classes start in: September 19, 2016
To be completed in: 15 months/5 quarters. 
Ideal for people who work, because they can register their subjects in a convenient schedule.
Schedule: 3 to 4 times a week, from 6:00 to 8:15 pm.

Reasons for choosing this program

  • Because a young and competitive professional needs tools to maximize his/her performance in the area of marketing and stand out among his/her peers so as to opt for more challenging positions.
  • Because s/he has identified the area of marketing as his/her favorite area to develop his/her professional career in.
  • Because s/he is convinced that marketing is fundamental for creating and directing organizations due to its strategic scope and the importance of the decision-making process involved.

Who is it aimed at?
At you, a professional who works in the area of Marketing as a director, general manager or executive, and who wants a career change or are involved in an activity that requires solid knowledge in Marketing.

What are the principal attributes of this master's degree?
  • You count on a group of teachers who offer cutting-edge knowledge adapted to the local reality which is also pertinent at the international level.
  • You obtain a Magister in Marketing, recognized nationally and internationally. IESA has three international accreditations by AACSB, AMBA and EQUIS.
  • It includes course topics imparted by guest professors from foreign universities, which enriches the experience of the students by offering them a vision from different cultures and marketing strategies.
  • It offers an innovative learning methodology, using business case studies, simulations, practices and experiences and immerses you in the networks of marketing professionals. 
  • Innovation in the design of the curriculum, with course topics that adapt to our reality and to global trends.
  • An attractive offer of elective course topics, enabling the students to specialize in the areas that are best suited to their interests and needs, as per their career plan. 
  • Classes are imparted in a schedule that enables you to combine your work responsibilities with your studies at IESA.
  • You enter an active community of students, professors and alumni which will enable you to expand your network of contacts, thus creating business opportunities and updating your knowledge.

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