Master´s degree in Public Management

Master's degree in Public Management

Starting Date: 9/19/2016
Admission Process: 9/30/2015
Duration: 21 months
Area: Public Management
Language Spanish
Payment Method Cash, bank deposit or credit card

Mission: To create responsible transformational leaders, capable of enhancing the capacity, efficacy and efficiency of public service institutions, and of promoting public value through cross-sector collaborations.

Vision: To be a leading program in Venezuela and the Caribbean Region for improving public policy and institutional capacity for the creation of public value through research, education and service.

Public service values: responsibility, ethical disposition and behavior, effectiveness, continuous improvement, enterprising spirit, progress, democracy, justice (fairness, equity, social inclusion and diversity), collaboration.

In terms of student learning, program mission and vision are fulfilled through a rigorous and challenging course of study featuring teaching excellence, and emphasizing the following: managerial, analytical and ethical thinking skills required for results-oriented management in complex environments; skills to manage collaborations among diverse actors and institutions; a public service approach to decision-making; commitment to public interest, social justice and ethics; and, deep knowledge of key features of the Venezuelan (and regional) social, institutional, economic and political environment.
In terms of research, the mission and vision are fulfilled through nationally and regionally relevant policy and public management research and publishing.

With regards to service, mission and vision are fulfilled through: non-degree training for public servants, young social and political leaders, and leaders of non for profit organizations; consulting for public and non-for-profit organizations; public policy opinion-making faculty-led events and faculty media presence; and the dissemination of referential information for public managers and policy makers.

The faculty of the program is composed of 29 professor specialized in each subject.

Master in Public Management – week-end format

Starting date of the next program: September 18, 2017.
Credit hours in program: 36.
Class schedule: classes take place twice a week, Fridays from 4:30 to 8:00 PM and Saturdays from 8:00 AM to 1:15 PM. The program is ideal for in-service participants, given that classes take place in hours that are compatible with their work schedule.
Number of students: between 25 and 30 per cohort.
Place: IESA campus, San Bernardino, Caracas, Venezuela.

Reasons for choosing this program

  1. You obtain tools to contribute to the nation's development through the professionalization of public work.
  2. You develop skills to perform efficiently in uncertain circumstances.
  3. You acquire training in negotiating and consensus-building.

Who is it aimed at?
IESA’s Master in Public Management (MPM) is intended to serve individuals preparing to occupy or already occupying positions of high responsibility in public service institutions (be these private, public or hybrid), and who wish to gain competencies for improved performance as leaders and managers. More specifically, it is an in-service program directed at: managers and present or future directors of public service organizations; staff of elected officials; present and aspiring elected officials; and managers or directors of public-private-community relations units in business organizations.

What skill sets does one acquire?
The MPM will prepare students to become responsible transformational leaders who: a) are versed in the skills, knowledge and strategies to effectively and efficiently lead and manage teams, organizations, multi-sector collaborations and complex environments; b) have the abilities to participate in the policy process while valuing the public interest, justice, citizen participation and social inclusion; c) have the abilities and disposition to think critically, solve problems, innovate, get things done, and engage in the continuous improvement of diverse organizational processes; d) have the disposition and abilities to behave ethically and promote ethical behavior; e) have the abilities to communicate effectively with diverse audiences.

What are the completion rates in this program?
As students receive good support during their studies and while working on the master’s thesis, program completion rates are favorable. In the last cohort, of the 33 students who entered the program, 18 graduated exactly on schedule. One year later, 28 students had completed their studies. 

What are the principle attributes of the master in public management program?

• You obtain a Master in Public Management degree, recognized nationally and internationally. IESA has three international accreditations: AACSB, AMBA and EQUIS and is also distinguished for its research in this area. 
• You enter an active community of students, professors and alumni that will allow you to expand your contacts network that will expand you opportunities and update your knowledge. 
 • You can combine your work responsibilities with studies, given the characteristics of the class schedule.

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