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The 2011-2012 Awards to Academic Excellency were handed out at IESA

The 2011-2012 Awards to Academic Excellency were handed out at IESA What makes the learning experience at IESA different from that in other schools is the substance that backs the learning process: the research conducted, the analysis of real-life cases and being in contact with avant-garde topics to avoid lagging behind.

Last Tuesday July 16, the 2011-2012 Awards to Academic Excellency ceremony took place at IESA in the company of staff professors and academic authorities.

To conduct investigations and research is no easy task. A researcher requires great effort, time and many resources, such as databases and literature, to breathe life into quality results. That is why we wish to continue to highlight and recognize the will and work dedicated to our greatest intangible asset: Knowledge.

For IESA, research is what differentiates us. The knowledge we share is important for the nation, and even more so in these times of uncertainty and competitiveness. Thus, we are proud to state that IESA edited 690 publications from 2006 to 2011.

Rosa Amelia González, IESA's academic director, was the master of ceremonies of the event to bestow recognitions to the professors, and thanked the presence of the vast majority of them despite their tight agendas.

The first diplomas which were handed out were the “Awards for Outstanding Intellectual Production” for articles published in ISI journals. The recipients were the following professors: Henryk Gzyl, José Malavé, Édgar Osuna, Ramón Piñango, Silvana Dakduk, Hugo Faría, Urbi Garay, José Manuel Puente, Pedro Rodríguez and Patricia Monteferrante.

For the publication of teaching cases, the recipients of the award were professors Sofía Esqueda, Raquel Puente, Nunzia Auletta, Ernesto Blanco, Josefina Bruni, Aramis Rodríguez  and Roberto Vainrub.

And to cap the event, competing in other categories, Urbi Garay received the IESA Foundation Award for Best Integral Professor, José Malavé took home the IESA Foundation Award for Best Research Professor, José Manuel Puente won the IESA Foundation Award for Best Roster Teacher and lastly, the IESA Foundation Award for Best Adjunct Professor was given to Gustavo Romero.

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