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PAG reached 30 uninterrupted years training top-level managers in Venezuela

PAG reached 30 uninterrupted years training top-level managers in Venezuela IESA celebrated 30 years of managerial training adapted to the Venezuelan reality thanks to the Advanced Management (PAG for its acronyms in Spanish), a leading option in the nation for superior management studies.

IESA's PAG reached 30 uninterrupted years of managerial training in Venezuela, based on the premise of training professionals who will contribute to the success of the organizations they work for and the development of society as a whole.

Since 1983, IESA has offered the leaders of Venezuelan organizations the Advanced Management (in Spanish, Programa Avanzado de Gerencia - PAG), aimed at managers with experience who have the professional potential and necessary energy to advance in their careers.

The PAG has been updated as per changes in the environment, to be well-suited for management challenges and to respond to the needs of top executives who are at present subjected to constant pressures and management style changes.

Compatibility with today's work demands

According to Gustavo Romero, the program's academic coordinator, “the PAG has now consolidated as the most solid management training program for mid-level and top-level managers in Venezuela”, he assured.

“Today's managers also require great personal mastery and knowing themselves thoroughly, inside and out. They are required to develop an ability we call resilience, the ability to face pressure, act under overwhelming circumstances and keep an emotional tone and work energy that will enable them to continue fulfilling their tasks and responsibilities”, Professor Romero explained.

 “The PAG was conceived for managers who need to reinforce their management training in functional business aspects such as finance, marketing, human resources and who for one reason or another, have no time to devote to a Master's rigorously”.

Maintaining the PAG up-to-date, following modern world management trends, is the key for graduated managers to get many doors open and perform comfortably in any environment.

The registrations for the PAG in Caracas are now open.

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Schedule: Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:00 to 8:15 p.m.
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