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IESA maintained its 6th. place in AméricaEconomía's 2013 Executive Education Ranking

IESA maintained its 6th. place in AméricaEconomía's 2013 Executive Education Ranking According to a survey conducted among clients in the region, including large corporations that hire in-company programs, IESA turned out to be the third school in satisfaction and program orientation, besides having a high perception of strategic impact.

In 2013, AméricaEconomía listed 20 Latin American, Spanish and U.S. schools and universities imparting executive education classes to the major corporations in the region. Same as last year, IESA came in sixth in this ranking, consolidating its name as one of the best schools for executive training in the region.

More than 9,000 managers each year entrust their professional training and updating to IESA, inside and outside Venezuelan borders. The reason: a first-rate academic team trained at the best international universities, a diverse academic offer in line with the current challenges faced by the organizations, a team of talented professionals and multiple collaboration networks offering a high-quality executive portfolio.

“We celebrate the position our school has maintained. This consolidation is materialized thanks to an excellent team of talented professionals, accompanied by a faculty staff of international quality and a network of top-level international allies”, Carlos García, IESA's director of managerial development, indicated.

This year, the evaluation was conducted by analyzing five dimensions: (1) Programs; (2) Strategic impact; (3) Internationalization; (4) Clients and (5) Academic staff. In its methodology, the ranking included the application of a comprehensive satisfaction-based survey randomly applied among a sample of client companies of executive education centers which had to rate the programs hired during the previous year on a scale from 1 to 7 on various evaluation dimensions, from a level of general satisfaction to the degrees of curricular innovation and teaching techniques.

In this regard, IESA was given the third highest score based on the general satisfaction survey of the five centers best positioned in the Programs dimension, and was said to be highly perceived as of strategic impact, according to the surveys conducted.

With these strengths as our presentation card, our institute once again ranks among the top 10 most important business schools in the region which are attending to the corporate clients' need for specialized training, in a highly competitive market which includes schools from Latin America, the United States and Spain.

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