IESA's International Center of Energy and Environment

Since its foundation in 2005, the International Center of Energy and Environment (in Spanish Centro Internacional de Energía y Ambiente - CIEA), is dedicated to topics referring to the energy and environmental sectors.

CIEA develops a series of activities in various inter-related areas: Research, training in postgraduate and business development courses, as well as dissemination (publications and events), aimed at promoting the discussion of energy- and environment-related issues, supporting the decision-making process and drafting of public policies, as well as the training of business leaders for the oil industry.  

  • Purpose
As an oil-producing nation, Venezuela must promote the optimum development of the abundant energy resources it possesses and direct them towards generating progress and new domestic capabilities through establishing links with other sectors of the economy and adding value, always bearing in mind the environmental impact generated during this process. 

CIEA was created in 2005 to establish IESA as the benchmark institution regionwide for the reflection, generation and dissemination of knowledge in energy and environmental-related issues, as well as in the training of managers capable of becoming leaders in the energy sector. 

  • Objectives
The main purpose of IESA's International Center on Energy and Environment (CIEA) is to contribute to the creation and development of activities and initiatives for the training of human capital and the generation of knowledge capable of generating value for the sectors linked to energy and the environment, being a national, regional and international benchmark. 

  • Alliances with programs

Jointly with Universidad de los Andes (UNIANDES), CIEA has managed to successfully replicate the International Program on Hydrocarbon Business Management in Bogotá. Five editions of this program have been conducted.
  • Participants: Ecopetrol, ministries, ANH, Banco de la República, Petrobras, Pacific Rubiales, Petrominerales.
  • In-Company program with Pacific Rubiales in August 2010.
CIEA, jointly with UNIANDES Bogotá and Tulane University, have prepared a week-long intensive course on energy-related topics in Houston and New Orleans.

CIEA, jointly with the Escuela de Administración de Negocios (ESAN) of Lima, organizes a week-long intensive course on oil and gas, as part of a concentration of the Master in Energy Management at that university. The second edition of this program started in 2012.
Research alliances.

The CIEA has entered into research alliances with a variety of national and international institutions, including:

Inter-American Development Bank, IDB
Development Bank of Latin America, CAF
Transparencia Internacional
Fernando Henrique Cardoso Institute (Brazil)
Centro Edelstein de Pesquisas Sociais (Brazil)

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