IESA's Management and Leadership Center

The development of individual skills and organizational competencies has become one of the greatest challenges for modern and responsible companies. For this reason, IESA through its Management and Leadership Center has focused resources and efforts aimed at generating, adapting, transmitting and disseminating knowledge in the fields of general management, organizational behavior, strategic planning, management of operations and services, management of human capital and decision-making.

Our teaching staff attends to the requirements in these areas through our masters on Administration, Marketing and Public Management, apart from the design and conduction of continuous executive training activities for national and international public and private organizations.

We also develop applied research, which reflect a deep comprehension of organizations and the realities they face, the results of which are disseminated in prestigious local and international publications.

  • Networks and Alliances:
IESA's Business and Leadership Center has professors allied to the SEKN network and the STEP network, the Academy of Management (AOM) and the Production and Operations Management Society (POMS). 

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