IESA's strategic research objective is to achieve a distinctive intellectual production that is international and at the same time pertinent to our local reality. 

The Institute has accrued a valuable trajectory in several areas:
  • Finance and Economics: 
Papers published by our professors in prestigious international journals have contributed to positioning IESA as one of the region's most recognized schools.
  • Oil and gas: 
The tasks by the International Center on Energy and Environment enabled the conceptualization of a training program on the management of the oil and gas industry for top-level executives in Venezuela, Colombia and Peru.
  • Social responsibility and businesses with low-income sectors: 
As members of the SEKN network, IESA's professors have produced trailblazing papers, book chapters and teaching cases on the generation of knowledge on how companies and civil society contribute to fighting against poverty in Latin America. Additionally, the professors at IESA's Marketing Center have opened paths in the study of low-income sector markets in Venezuela.  Entrepreneurial initiatives and family-run businesses: the professors at the Center for Entrepreneurship and the Management and Leadership Center participate in two important projects:  STEP, with Babson College and GEM, jointly with Babson College and the London Business School.
  • Public Policies: 
IESA has accumulated ample knowledge and experience in topics such as macroeconomic policy and public sector budgets, education, decentralization and institutions

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