Fecha de Publicación: 2007
Publicado Por: The case centre
Autores:Urbi Garay y Jaime Sabal
Número del producto: 107-036-1


In 1960, just after graduating as an industrial engineer, Joan Roig migrated to Venezuela when hired by a construction material distributor. On 1975 he married Adelaida and decided to quit his job to start “Ferreterias El Clavo”: a hardware store that grew throughout the years so that by 1990 he owned seven profitable stores across the country. Throughout all these years Joan amassed substantial savings. In January 2006 he reached an agreement to sell the company to a fast growing Chinese firm and decided to make all the necessary arrangements to retire in his native Catalonia. Venezuela had been experiencing years of political instability and Joan had decided to sell his business (Exhibit 1 offers information about the current political situation in Venezuela). Joan and Adelaida had one son, Alfredo, grown-up by now, successful and independent. Alfredo and Adelaida were Joan’s only immediate family since both his parents and parents in law had died some years ago. Joan and Adelaida enjoyed good health. But Joan was almost 70 and while his wife was still relatively young he was afraid that medical expenses will rise in the future.

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Palabras Clave: Inversiones; Mercado de capitales; Mercado financiero internacional; Tipo de cambio; Gerencia de cartera; Venezuela
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